Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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One in Eight women will get breast cancer sometime in their lifetime.
***1 in 8***
Isn't that ridiculous? Can you pick one of eight of the women you know to get it? Do you already know several ones who do? It needs to stop.

Every day we are getting closer to a cure. Now is a perfect time to lend your support to this cause! And if you do, there might be something in it (other than karma, and that gooey feeling you get inside when you do something awesome) for you. Keep reading....

Need an idea?
  • Go to and make a pink ribbon tribute to a loved one.
  • Go to and click on the pink ribbon. There you can update your pink ribbon status. For each person that does so in October, Yahoo! will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help uninsured women get free mammograms.
  • Go to the or to or to to learn about the disease and empower your self or those around you. Learn your risks and how to minimize them.
  • Remind the people in your life to check themselves. Update your facebook status, send a tweet, call, text, or email - just tell them to feel their boobies!
  • Go shopping! You will be hard pressed to go into the grocery store and not find a product that has a pink ribbon on it. In some cases, a portion of your purchasing money will go to the cause, in others the company has already donated a set amount. Either way, these companies are spreading the word - lend them their support to show you appreciate it!
  • Find a 3-day walker (like me) to get to goal! Not only are you helping find a cure, but your making someone's day!
  • Have a high risk of breast cancer in your family? Be proactive - be Bright Pink.
  • If you can't lend your money - lend your time. Find out where the closest 3-day walk is and go cheer those brave people on! Make a sign to hang on the route. Get in a costume. Pass out candy or popsicles. We will love you for it! (And if you can't do it now, there is always time to do it later in the year during another walk for the cure or a race for the cure.)
  • Any time of the year you can go to your local Komen Affiliate to help spread the word in your community.
  • Just make a click of your mouse at Care2 to help find a cure.
  • Like to ride a bike? Join the Hershey's Tour De Pink to raise funds for breast cancer while your working out.
  • Become a member of the Army of Women and partner with researchers to help move breast cancer beyond the cure.
  • Go to the Health Key to find a host of other breast cancer fighting opportunities.
  • Eat chocolate - M&M's can cure just about anything, right?
So pick something - anything related to raising awareness, and do it. Now would be great, but I'll give you until the end of October since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To spice it up a little, I'm turning this into a contest. Do anything to support breast cancer awareness and leave a comment below. At the end of October, I will check back and pick 5 of my favorite posts to give a token of my appreciation - a little pink ribbon package full of pink goodies!

So get to curing people!

Edit: I decided to add other opportunities when then are pointed out to me...
  • Belong to twitter? Help @FFanatics Tackle Breast Cancer just by following them! Learn How here.
  • Become a jumper at Spirit Jump and send a note to someone battling cancer.
  • Write a blog post or visit another! Here is the info for the How Do YOU Pink blog hop!

    MckLinky Blog Hop

Remember any contribution will be in the running for the prize - you just have to comment!


  1. You really are my hero :) I had fun doing some of these! I posted a thingy on for my aunt, I went to Yahoo and posted a pink ribbon thingy. Today I shopped at Safeway and bought some salad dressing with a pink ribbon tag on it AND even donated some mula at the register! This is a bandwagon I don't mind jumping on :) I'll let you know if I accomplish any more of these tasks . . . I have a month!

  2. Yesterday we were in town for another matter, but I decided to combine it with advertising for the 3Day. Everyone I was able to talk with I told about it...People really liked hearing about it and asked a lot of questions...So our little jaunt turned into a dual purpose.

  3. You really are my hero too! gggggggggggo,baby, gggggggggggggggo!
    love ya', Mom

  4. I'm so proud of you. I added a ribbon on in order of my survivor sister, Donna - 14 years and counting. I'll be sure to look for other ways to contribute to the wonderful things you and all the other walkers are doing! Good luck next week and THANK YOU!!! luv ya! Linda

  5. This month there is double credit for clicking on the pink ribbon on the breast cancer site. This means twice as much money donated toward free mammograms for people in need! I have sent an evite to most of my contacts reminding them to click every day - especially during the month of October. Linda

  6. Hi Mandy! Today I started out my morning with a healthy handful of Pink M&M's, headed out to lead a 3-Day Training walk, then came home and uploaded my picture/profile to the World Pink Photo Mosaic here: all before lunch :>)

  7. Hi! I walked the 2009 3day and have already signed up to do 2010!


  8. I walked with Jessica in the 2009 3 day and will walk with her again in 2010

  9. my new Bank of America card is a Susan G Komen card -- every time I use it, it contributes to donations for SGK for the Cure. for my friend Faith, who beat it and is a huge inspiration.

  10. I published BUSTING LOOSE by Cheryl Swanson, who offers advice based on her own experience and that of her breast cancer sisters on dealing with the disease. A dollar from each copy sold will go for research.