Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Talk to me Tuesday (Melanie Sheridan)

Oh my gosh. So, apparently, if you walk the whole 60 miles, your feet might get a little swollen. Or a lot swollen. So swollen, in fact, that you can't put on anything but flip flops for a week! I guess that was the upside to not being able to do all of the miles last year, huh?

And speaking of not being able to do all 60 miles: Hey, Philly - YOU ROCK! You all couldn't do the whole route, but man did you show some brotherly love! Congratulations!

Anyway, now that I am thourogly recovered from the walk (well enough to get a pedicure soon) it's time to feature another 3-day-er! This time we get to hear from Melanie Sheridan. Melanie is a fellow 3-day online ambassador, posting at her fantastic blog: Mel, A Dramatic Mommy.
Last year, Melanie volunteered during the walk, while her mother was a walker. This year, she is joining her mom, a 9-time participant, to walk in the San Diego 3-day.

Q1: Why did you join the 3-day?

Melanie says:
My mom decided to do the 3-Day back in 2000. I thought she was crazy! But, as she became more involved, so did I. I've spent the last few years cheering her on all weekend long. Last year, I volunteered and got to hand out the T-shirts and roses as the walkers crossed the finish line. It was amazing! Now that I'm a stay at home mom, I decided this was my year to move from the sidelines to participant.

Every year that I've cheered and supported the walkers, I've seen so many people walking in honor of someone they've lost. I see families on the sidelines holding signs that read, "thank you." This year I decided I wanted to do more than cheer. I literally wanted to walk the walk.

This is a cause that has become very important to me, especially after losing my Godmother to breast cancer.

Melanie, cheering on the walkers!

Q2: Will you describe some of you 3-day experience for us?

Melanie says:
Last year, when I volunteered, there were so many touching moments. I remember when one team crossed the finish they all waited for one woman to get her pink survivor shirt and cheered for her as she held it up. One minute she was high-fiving and laughing, the next she was sobbing and everyone gathered in a group hug. I also remember one woman taking some of the candy and gum I was handing out. Because of the way she was dressed, I thought she was someoneon the walk route, taking advantage of all the free stuff. I wondered if she was homeless. The next day, as I handed out shirts, they announced that the last walker was headed in. It was her.

My mom says for her, the walk is like a religious experience. Being there, feeling the energy, I can see her point. I laugh and cry every single year. I definitely think the walk is something everyone should experience, either as a walker, crew or volunteer.

Melanie and her mom, in front of the remembrance tents.

Q3: How have you contributed to the cause?

Melanie says:
I’ve made it a point to take my son with me when I’ve been cheering. He knows a little about what breast cancer is and why people are walking. Spending that time with him has been amazing. He’s learning empathy, the spirit of giving and giving back to the community.

Melanie's son passing out goodies for walkers - so cute!

Q4: What is your best training advice?

Melanie says:
Don’t push yourself. Follow the training guidelines but realize they’re only a suggestion. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t follow it to the letter.

Q5: What is your best fundraising advice?

Melanie says:
Be a pest! I don’t like to ask for help so I haven’t been as vocal about the fundraising as I should be. This isn’t about me. Speak up and don’t be afraid to ask everyone for donations.

Alright, folks - do Melanie a favor, as a thanks for her 3-day posts, and give the lady a donation! Any little bit helps, I'm sure she would love your help so that she can, as she says, "Walk the Walk!"


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! I think walking with my mom is going to be an experience we'll never forget and a memory we will cherish.

  2. I have been reading your blogs. I walked for the second time this year in San Francisco, and my team and I used your moms checklist. It was FANTASTIC, thank you! I think that both you and your mom are amazing! I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 14. And I have a 10 yeard old daughter. We have a date to walk together when she is 16. I cant wait!! You and your mom are a true inspiration!!

  3. Melanie now that you have caught the 3 Day bug I am sure we will seeing you for years to come. You are lucky to be able to share this wonderful experience with your mom enjoy every step.