Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Talk To Me Tuesday (Alverna Bresette)

I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself! The DC walk - MY walk - is this weekend!!! I am in the midst of packing and worrying and gearing up, and I just can't wait. I have to thank so many of you - family, friends, and well-wishers - for helping me get to my goal!

Meanwhile, there are plenty of walkers - just like my 3-day friend, Alverna Bresette - who need your help to make it to goal. These walkers desperatly want to participate in their walks in the coming weeks, but they need your help. Please read Alverna's interview, and look her up on the 3-day website if you can help!

Q1: What is your connection to Breast Cancer?

Alverna says:
I am a 6 year survivor. My cancer was found early and was very small. Neither I, nor the doctors, could feel it. I was fortunate and luck was on my side. Through this experience I have talked people into having mammograms, just to be safe. Hopefully, I have gotten across to my daughter to fight for something you believe in.

I just recently found out my grandmother had died of breast cancer in 1940. My cousin was diagnosed last year, and I have lost friends to the disease.

Q2: Tell us about your 3-day experience.

Alverna says:
I was a walker in San Diego '06, San Diego '07, Washington DC '08, and will walk in San Diego '09. I think the first year was exciting, maybe because it was new. That year, my daughter and I had both seen it advertised, then discussed it, and decided it would be a great contribution to the cause. The support was unbelievable. I was amazed at the people gathered to cheer you on while you were walking. The 3Day family itself is hard to beat, crew, fellow walkers, support, etc. Always a kind word.

Alverna and her daughter, all dressed in pink!

Q3: What have you learned from the 3-day and why do you keep coming back?

Alverna says:
I've learned a lot. How many people have been affected by this disease. How much can be raised if everyone puts forth some effort in something they believe in. How I can really do something if I set my mind to it. A personal satisfaction, that I did it! To me the 3Day is addictive...I walk because I can. Each person, in their heart, knows what it is that they want to do for something. If this is what you believe in, then by all means, do it.

Alverna and her beautiful training buddies!

Q4: What is your best fundraising and/or training advice?

Alverna says:
For fundraising, put your heart into it and don't be afraid to ask. All they can say is no.

For training, I want to give credit to my husband and my 2 Black Russian Terriers. Without them I would not have the will power to get out and train. I mostly walk as I am out in a very small community in a National Forest. My husband knows just the right amount to "push" me...come on, you can do it. And of course the dogs are always up to the task!

Alverna supports fellow walkers (she supported me last year and this year) and I would love it if you all could pay her back the favor! She is a survivor, to be sure. Thank you, Alverna.

To the rest of my fellow DC walkers - LETS DO THIS!!!

PS - make sure you check out the giveaway if you haven't yet! Just for spreading breast cancer awareness this month, we are giving away 5 pink goodie-filled packages!

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  1. Can not wait for the weekend. I'm a 9 year survivor and this is my first 3 day. I'm so excited and very nervous too. I am going to try my hardest to make everyone who supported me very proud!