Monday, September 28, 2009

Talk To Me Tuesday (Dusty Showers)

I'm back! Hope you didn't miss me on my hiatus, but life got a little hectic the last few weeks! Of course, you all know how that goes - regular life (mommy, wife, worker, friend, etc) combined with training and fundraising - it gets to be a lot sometimes! I hear, while I was gone, that Seattle had an awesome walk! Way to go Seattle!

But, now that the DC 3-day is less than 2 weeks away, I'm 3-day obsessed! I think just about all my friends and family must be done hearing about it by now, but I can't stop myself!

To go along with that "can't stop the 3-day" feeling, I present you with an interview from a wonderful walker a lot of you probably have heard of: Dusty Showers! You might have seen him around - it's hard to miss a man in a bright pink bra!

Dusty, when not on the job catching creepy creatures, is all 3-day, all the time! He is a first time walker (Can you believe that? I was shocked!) but he has been helping walkers cross the finish line for a while now. He has crewed in tampa for 4 years and this year he is going the distance - literally - to walk the 60 miles! I think I could fill up volumes telling all of Dusty's stories (you should really follow him on facebook, it's a hoot) but I'll stick to my standard format, to be fair. If you want to learn more, visit his site, I'm With Dusty. Part of this interview was taken from some things that has Dusty written about his journey, some right from a direct interview.

One of the few pics of Dusty with out his bra! Kidding!

Q1: What is your connection to breast cancer - your reason for participating in the 3-day?

Dusty says:
I am asked quite often why I am involved in the 3-day. My reason is not as touching as many. I am one of the lucky ones. I have not lost anyone close to me. I cannot put a face on a shirt, a lost friend, a mother gone . . . a wife or a daughter lost.

About 5 years ago my mother-in-law, Nancy, took on breast cancer, face to face. She took the news, shared it with her soul mate . . . and made a decision that it was merely an obstacle placed in her path and that it would be overcome. She began her treatments, gave part ofher body and locks, and set an example with firm resolve.

Then, 6 weeks before the 2008 3-day, Christy (my good friend, and ex-wife) told me that she was just diagnosed with breast cancer. How could this be? Does it know who I am? I put on a #*$!% bra every year and act like an idiot. This cannot hit so close to me! I was angry, I was scared . . . and I was proud of Christy. I had to remember who I was. I am the guy that tells you that you can do it when doubt tells you different. It only took Christy a short time to come to the conclusion that she had a lot of years left and two daughters to raise. Head on . . . she did it.

Got to love a man in a pink bra, pink cowboy hat, and pink crocs. And an armadillo!

Q2: What have you learned or gained form the 3-day?

Dusty says:
When all in my life seemed to dissolve . . . the 3-Day, as strange as it sounds, began to fill in the void. I always thought I should do more charity work but was never really interested and really only did it because I thought "I should." Now, it is not charity work, it is what I love, it is what I go to when I am down or a bit lost. My life may not have everything materially, but I seem to have way more of what I really need. How can I be involved in such a thing and not be so grateful for all I have? I have been inspired by so many of my 3-day friends.
I would like to think I have found my way now. I am happy, my life has direction.

What Dusty does in his "spare" time - but notice, he still has 3-Day spirit!

Q3: What is your best fundraising advice?

Dusty says:
My best tip is, whatever you do, do it well. You need to work whatever you do. You can't just mail or email once. You need to send it multiple times. If you are doing an event, promote it. Ask your friends to promote it. During the event, don't be afraid to ask for money; do 50/50's, raffles, and auctions.

The best advice, though, is to be kind to everyone. You never know who is going through their own battle. And you never know how you can touch that person's life, or how they may touch yours.

Too good of a photo op!

Q4: What is your best training advice?

Dusty says:
Don't lose sight of the fact that the 3-Day will change your life whether you walk the entire 60 miles or not. The only person that will care if you walk the entire 60 is you. Train as much as you can, when the day is here don't stress over not training enough; just show up and experience everything you can. Understand that the journey doesn't start when you show up to Opening Ceremonies. It started when you decided to do the 3-Day . . . at that point miracles started to happen.

So that's Dusty. Just a boy who loves creepy crawlers, boobs, and you. :)

Go get em' San Fran!!


  1. Mandy, thank you for sharing my story. And...did you catch the python around my neck where I am holding the armadillo in a bra? Well, I'm in a bra, not the armadillo...THAT was fun shoot.
    You are part of what makes the 3 Day so amazing...

  2. Thanks for the early morning smile. I'm walking in the 3-day in SF on Friday and also a breast cancer survivor at age 34. Great job, Dusty!! I looked again and saw the python! :)

  3. What an awesome story Dusty!!

    Good Luck on your walk this year!! It will be great to experience it as a walker this year! I finished my 3rd walk in August! It is an experience that you will remember always. :)

  4. Wow...I'm a first time walker or 3-dayer ever this year in DC and I'm quite scared. I am lucky that I've not had those I love effected by this horrific disease but I walk for those who can't, for the furture of the family I don't even have yet and for a better world. Thanks for sharing this story, as it's a great one!

  5. Kim Bulone, Tampa, FLSeptember 30, 2009 at 1:23 PM

    Dusty has been at that finish line twice for me and this year I'll be there for him. He's an amazing guy and I'm blessed to know him! Dusty ROCKS!!