Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Talk To Me Tuesday (LeAnne Bright)

How did it go, Michigan? Did you rock it? I'm sure you did. I realized (a bit too late) that my husband was only *miles* down the street from you all on Friday while at a wedding! I gave him strict orders to honk at anything pink when he was traveling to the airport!

Okay, ladies and gents, on with our next interviewee! LeAnne Bright is a two time walker AND two time crewer. (Yes, "crewer" is a new word in my 3-Day dictionary. Deal with it.) This year, she adds Denver to her walker list, and Atlanta to her crew list. She has a great
personal website you can visit to read about her past walks and get a little inspiration!

LeAnne (in the middle) on her fist walk in '06

Q1: Why did you join the 3-Day?

LeAnne says:

I had done many walks in the past for MS and March of Dimes and coming home from work in July of 2005 I heard the 3 Day commercial on the car radio and knew I had to do this walk in Memory of my grandmother. I signed up with 3 months before the walk and was able to not only meet the $2100 minimum, but beat it by $400. Since 2005, I participate each year in the Breast Cancer 3 Day event to honor the memory of Leah Young (my grandmother). She was a strong woman, taken by breast cancer at the age of 45 when my mother was teen.

Q2: Describe some of your 3-Day experiences.

LeAnne says:
Let's see, in 2005 (my first walk) I came home with the feeling that the 3 day was the hardest, yet most fulfilling, spiritual weekend that I had ever experienced! Between the emotional highs of the cheering sections, the pain and agony of the blisters, tender ankle...Not knowing if I had the strength to carry on.....I met so many wonderful women and men(walkers, crew, survivors), learning the reasons for their journey..... its an experience that is really hard to put in words with all of the different emotions that run through you during the course of 3 days. Let's put it this way - two days after coming home, still unable to walk without a limp, in the process of losing my left big toenail and two blisters the size of silver dollars on each foot healing - I signed up to do the walk again for 2006!!!!

Crewing in pink hair!

Q3: Do you have any fundraising tips?

LeAnne says:

I don't work for a large company, or even have a large "network of friends/family" ...I've signed up each year as a "lone" participant and the biggest tip I can give for fundraising is "Don't be afraid to ask!! All they can say is "No".

(And, I wanted to add that LeAnne has awesome pink ribbon gear on her site, and came up with a great idea to let her supporters "Adopt A Mile.")

This is one of the shirts you can get from LeAnne!

Q4: Why do you keep coming back to do more walks?

LeAnne says:

I keep coming back because I want to make a difference..I'm a "small part" of the 3 day, but, with all of our "small parts" we can make a "huge" difference. As long as my body allows me, I will continue to participate with the 3 Day event either as a crew member or as a walker.

So that's all from LeAnne. I have to admit, I really wanted to get this post out today because LeAnne walks this Friday -- and she could really use your support. Please check out her website to learn how you can help her out! (There *might* be an MP3 player in it for you!)

Before I forget,
Hey, Twin Cities, tear it up!!


  1. I did my 1st walk this weekend. Awesome. As one of the few male walkers, it was very moving and very bold what we did. I will continue to walk a long as I can.
    All the ladies out there- you treated me so good all weekend. I was the token husband for the complains, but loved it!

  2. Oh, we will tear it up in Minneapolis/St. Paul this weekend!

  3. Great post! I love reading about other walkers and how and why they got involved with the 3-Day. I'm a 5th year walker this year and I couldn't be more excited! I've done Atlanta and Philly before, but I'm giving the AZ walk a try this year! Wish me luck!