Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Talk To Me Tuesday (Shannon Davis)

Howdy, everyone!

So, we have done Boston, Chicago, and Cleveland! And I have seen some great pics up on facebook and some awesome recaps like the ones here, here, and here. (If you have a blog post recap, please feel free to add you link in the comments for us to view!) It is getting me really excited for my walk, and there are still 3 more cities that will surely finish up August with a bang!

Today I have an interview from Shannon Davis. She is an incredible woman, with incredible perseverance and determination. Want proof? Even the media has picked up on her story! She walks in Denver at the end of August.

Wow, Shannon is looking great! This is after loosing 189 pounds!

Q1: What is your connection to breast cancer?

Shannon says:
My connection to breast cancer is my Mom is a survivor. She was diagnosed in 1991, and again in 1996, and is now cancer free. On top of that, I took time to really take care of her and my family. But, I lost track of me, who I am, who I wanted to be. I let myself go, and I ended up weighing 525 pounds. I started to feel terrible, feeling my heart pound, and not being able to really walk. I was working and sitting that is about it. I saw a story on breast cancer, and realized that not only am I high risk because of my Mom. But, also because of my weight. I had to do something.. AND why not cap it off by doing something big. At first I couldn't walk a quarter mile. I have now walked 18 on my best day!

This is Shannon's "before" picture.

Q2: As a first time 3-Day walker, what is the best part of your experience so far?

Shannon says:
Meeting my 3day sisters and brothers online. From across the US!! We all have incredible stories, we all have something to share and say.. They have taught me so much about what this walk means... What it is to be apart of this walk. Lastly they have taught me that I have found my family I had been looking for. I haven't met a walker that I didn't just find a spot for in my heart.

The 3-Day is more than a walk. You join a group of people who will do anything for you. They will cheer you when you are at the lowest. They will be your most trusted advisors. Most importantly they will become a part of your life forever. Their stories become a part of who you are. I haven't even walked yet, and I can tell you the people I have met in person and online will be in my life for the rest of my life.

An amazing table Shannon and her team set up at a fundraiser.

Q3: What has this experience taught you?

Shannon says:
I have learned so much about myself. I am a strong woman, who can make amazing and incredible things happen. One step at a time, I am changing who I am, my life, and in the process I am impacting the lives of women around the world. The impact and feeling of that statement alone... WOW!!!! Most importantly KNOW YOU RISK FACTORS! Learn how you can change them or better your own odds.

She couldn't walk 100 yards, now she can't sit still!

Q4: How have you made an impact?

Shannon says:
My impact would have to be on my niece. I see her and know she is walking down a road that has made me very heavy. She sits and watches TV and doesn't move around much at 10. She'll do anything to help someone. But, when she doesn't have that she just sits. I have taken her on many walks. She wants to be a 3day walker, and she wants to keep moving. Lastly, I got press about my weight loss. TONS of people have told me I have inspired them to move. If I can change my life anyone can.

There is part of Shannon's story. If you want to learn more about her story, make sure you check out the article that was in the news. Thanks for the fantastic dose of inspiration, Shannon! Enjoy your will be forever addicted!

Oh, one more thing...
Good luck, Michigan!


  1. very inspiring! (you write real good, too sissy)!

  2. Heidi B , CaliforniaAugust 13, 2009 at 7:18 AM

    Shannon, you are an inspiration to us all. Good luck on your journey and the 3-Day in Denver.