Monday, May 3, 2010

Top 5: Why you should be using the Message Boards

Since I officially started my training walks this past Saturday, it's time to start posting some more 3-day goodness!  Today you get 5 reasons why you should be using the 3-day message boards - especially if you haven't  started yet.

Just in case you don't obsessive check like I do know where it is, you can find the message boards by:

1) Logging into the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure website
2) Hover over the grey "Participant Center" button at the top of the screen
3) Scroll down and click on "Message Board"

Here's a screen shot:
Now you know how to go there, let me tell you why to go there!

  • Inspiration.  We all have days when we just don't want to roll out of bed to take that 15 mile walk. "It's hot, it's early, it takes a long time."  Do you need a push?  Go to the message boards, read the stories of survivors or read the reasons why other participants walk or crew.  It will remind you why you are doing this, why it is important, and why you should just keep moving!
  • Connections.  Want to find someone to train with?  Want to find a team?  Want to find a person to fundraise with?  All can be found through the message board!  I have been lucky enough to find some great people that way for my walks and it made it so nice to see a familiar face while on the walk.  Even better is being able to meet someone you have chatted with a dozen times in person!
  • Fundraising.  My fellow walkers are brilliant.  They have wonderful fundraising ideas and resources - and to top it all off, they are willing to share!  From the most profitable event, to the easiest to put together, chances are there has been someone who has written about it on the boards.  And if not, just put out the call for information, and I can almost guarantee someone will get back to you within the day.
  • Training.  Blisters, clothing, fanny packs, oh my!  On the boards, there are walkers who have walked 5, 7, 11 times or more.  They can definitely lead you in the right direction for all of your training needs, and tell you things you never would have considered.  They know what the route might look like, they know the value of a good uncrustable.  They will help show you the way.
  • The 3-day Spirit.  There is something indescribable that goes along with joining the 3-day.  It's a feeling of camaraderie, of family.  You can get your first taste of it when you connect on the message boards.  I broke my foot 2 months before my first walk, and people I barely knew, from across the country were there to cheer me on and give advice.  Whether you are a walking vet or a newbie, a techie or not so much, they will welcome you with open arms - and trust me, you won't ever want to leave.
    Go forth now, and chat!


    1. I'm a newbie to this, gonna check it out now...thanks, Mandy!

    2. Love this! and I'm one of those obsessive message board 3 Day walkers

    3. Thank you so much! I just started my straining walks on my b-day on Sunday! 6.5 miles! I am headed to the boards right now for more inspiration!!! GO 3day!!!
      Jennifer U'Ren, Willmar MN

    4. Thanks fore the advice. I have glanced at it,but I'll look more into it. I really need some more help with some fundraising ideas. Thanks!

    5. I know Jennifer didn't mean to say "straining walks", but I am so going to start using that!
      Seattle Street Walker

    6. Wow!! You broke your foot 2 months before the event?! Were you able to walk it? I was just diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and my doctor hasn't even cleared me to start training yet.