Friday, July 17, 2009

Support for those with the BRCA gene

I was forwarded an article from cnn about a breast cancer support group I had never heard of, and thought some of you may like to have the info.

Bright Pink is a nonprofit that supports and empowers young women who are at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. It was created by a woman who tested positive for the BRCA gene (a gene that increases the likeness of getting cancer by up to 85%) and subsequently had a double mastectomy. So many women face increased statistics (through having a relative with cancer, finding BRCA, etc.) and are not sure what to do about it -- that is why Bright Pink was created.

Their website ( is fantastic. It is filled with tons of information, facts, advice, and community to support those at risk. They even offer a one-to-one support network that pares participants up with a "PinkPal" that offers experience, advice, and guidance.

Check it out, or pass on the info.

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