Monday, June 22, 2009

Talk To Me Tuesday! (Kathryn Padilla)

Part of the purpose of The Pink Purpose is to highlight the Breast Cancer 3-day Walk, and one of the best ways to do that (in my opinion) is to highlight some of the great people make up this outstanding community. So as a new, regularly posted, addition to this blog, we now present our first "Talk To Me Tuesday" post where we will interview and learn a little more about why 3-dayers do what they do and what makes them just so awesome!

First up:
Kathryn Padilla

Kathryn is a not only a survivor, but has walked in Dallas two times and is doing it again in 2009! She is member of the Pink Ribbon Solemates team.

Q: What is your connection to breast cancer and to the 3-day walk?

Kathryn says:

I lost my precious mother to breast cancer in February 2007 after she fought a long 2 year battle. She was my best friend and the best grandma ever to my daughter who was only 9 at the time. Still grieving the loss of my mother, my young daughter and I attended an informational meeting at our Church about the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. After listening to the speaker and watching the inspirational DVD, I knew I had to do this in memory of my mom. So 2007 was my first 3-Day Walk. When I signed up I had no idea if I could actually raise $2200 and walk 60 miles but somehow I did. It was a great way to honor my mother's memory. On my backpack I had a sign that said; "I walk because I lost my dear mother, Daphne Marie Salinas on 02-01-07 to breast cancer and I do not want my daughter to loose hers".

Q2: Can you describe to us a little about your 3-day experience?

Kathryn says:
The 2007 Walk was an amazing journey. You go through every emotion possible in 3 days from laughing so hard you want to pee in your pants to crying for those who have lost the battle to being totally inspired by those walking and still fighting for their lives. Little did I know this was just the beginning. After the 2007 Walk my team and I signed up to walk again in 2008.
But 2008 would be a different walk for me. The statistics say that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer and in 2008 I became one of those statistics. I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. After a double mastectomy and 6 rounds of chemo, I participated in the 2008 Breast Cancer 3-Day.

Q3: What has been your contribution to the cause?

Kathryn says:
Our Pink Ribbon Solemates team has raised over $60,000 for Susan G. Komen of The Cure these past 2 years. And yes we are doing the 3-Day Walk in 2009.

Q4: Why do you keep coming back?

Kathryn says:
I will walk as long as I can because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime.

Thank you so much, Kathryn, for sharing your experience with us! We admire your courage and strength and all-around awesomeness!

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